Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weekly Dose!

riley is a hoot.

she makes the cutest faces and has such a personality.
many people ask how i get such great pictures of her.

its a task that's for sure, but she is an adorable subject!
i take about 100 pictures with a point and shoot in the span of about 5 minutes.
i pray there are a few good ones i can actually use.
all the while, i am usually on my back or stomach on the ground angled below the munch as she is crawling around me.

about half way through our mini photo sessions, she usually realizes i am holding a camera a foot from her face.
she likes to point at it.

"hey!! stop talking about me!!"

she is a lot quicker than i give her credit for...she can manage to get her grubby lil fingers on the camera or grab the dangling lens cap if i'm not paying attention.

today she did not care much for her lunch.


this was a 1st for us.
she is such a good eater, it took me by surprise.

however, in her defense she is teething like a mad woman.
munchie has 2 brand new chompers, one on the bottom right and one on the top right.
she had a fever so HOT the other night it was hard to hold her close as she dozed off in my arms.
she was on fye-yah.

she wasn't fussy or drooling any more than i thought she was getting sick.
praise the Lord it was her teeth!

back to the lunch story...
i took her out of her high chair prison and gave her half of an apple.

the girl was in heaven.

"das riiight, i'm a big girl"

this past sunday, grandma and gramps justice came for a visit.

they brought a gift for the little one.
"'re funny mom, get your picture already."

she like to kiss his nose.
but come on, who doesn't??

i hope you have been enjoying our new blog!

if you scroll down past this entry, you will see that i have been entering other post through out the week.
you don't have to wait for the weekly email reminder, please check back a few times a week to see some new stuff.

even better, you can sign up and become a "follower"...sounds scary.

hey. let me know if you try any of the recipes.
i am interested in hearing if you like them.
i have 2-3 more goodies i will post either tomorrow or the next day.

please feel free to leave us a comment.
quite a few of you have been responding to me via email which is wonderful as well.
we love keeping in touch with all of you.

have a blessed week...stay healthy and warm.

the munch and her aspiring photographer

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  1. My Riley is such a little character..I miss her and love her and enjoy all the great pics any way I can get them..keep it you daughter..the blog is mom(aka:grandmom)



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