Friday, October 23, 2009

welcome to my blog.

ha. this is gonna be fun.

so i have decided to begin posting here instead of sending out a weekly email.
my event/party planning business is really taking off!
Praise the Lord.

in an effort to combine my two worlds, family and par-tays....
i have determined it will be more beneficial and time efficient to direct everyone to one location.
the name of the blog is for the sake of my event business.
it also feels like it goes hand in hand with all that is happening with my busy lil family.

makes sense...right??

all sorts of things will be discussed here.
you will see updates of the Munch, pictures of my events, things i like and diy projects.

you should also note that its audience participation time people.
your job will be to leave comments for us!!

here goes it...

first things first.

child labor.
i am not opposed to it.

the Munch has figured out how to turn on and then START our washer dryer. is an LG all in one washer dryer.

its almost 2010 people.
how have you not heard of this??
it washes and then dries the clothes in the same unit.
we should have flying cars by least i have one of these.

she loves pushing the buttons.
they blink so she thinks it is her big toy.

"cold wash, right mommy?"

love those baby feet....

"wait, lets talk about other kids my age have to do chores??"

girl...did you put detergent AND fabric softener in there??

now if only she knew how to fold and put away clothes...

this past monday was a treat!
we had a wonderful date night.
dinner and a movie while the munch hung out with our fabulous babysitters, kristine and lizzy.
thanks again girls.

we saw where the wild things are.
one of my all time fave books when i was little.
it is so neat to now read this classic to my own daughter.

i really liked the movie.
it was as if the book just came to life.
pretty amazing feat considering the short story its based on.

just to let you know in case you haven't seen it, even though its based off a children's book,
it is more appropriate for kids age 7 and older.

out of all of the book on the shelf, guess which one she always ends up pulling out...

i'll eat you up, i love you so my lil munchie.

isn't she just the cutest thing!!?

well....i hope you don't mind the change in format.
i know so many of you love and look forward to the weekly dose.

please bear with me as i learn to do this!

have a blessed week and let me know what you think of this thang.

The Munch and her Mama


  1. K-E, This is the most beautiful blog ever! I know the effort that goes into this sort of thing! Looking forward to checking it for more pics of Riley. Love from New Mexico (where we are currently on the road), the Bronsons- Corey, Amy, & Charlie

  2. My darling daughter you never fail to amaze me! Your dad and I are so PROUD of you! Your love of family and your faith along with your endless spirit will continue to push you forward to achieve anything your heart desires. We will enjoy your blog and await all the new challenges and experiences that will come from this new adventure. We love you all so much, mom & dad(aka>grandmom & grandpop)

  3. I love your blog and can't wait to see more. Riley's so cute - still looks like a Cupie doll!
    About the Lg washer/ long does it take to wash & dry a load? It looks interesting.



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