Thursday, November 5, 2009

my talented family...

i can still see in my minds eye, my grandma and grandpa's bustling kitchen as a small lil girl.
holiday's were the best.

my 5 bossy aunties and mom helping to get everything ready and the smells of traditional American foods and exotic Filipino dishes being prepared.

i say bossy in a good and nostalgic way mind you.

many of my cousins and a i have become pretty good cooks in our own right.
its in our genes after all.

so, i get an email from my beautiful cousin kaili yesterday, with a link to a cake she and her boyfriend's mom made for her boyfriend's 28th birthday.

it seems that the picture made its way on to serious eats.
rightly so!!
the rest of the world must be witness to this AMAZING creation!

28 layers of WOW. a labor of loooove.

you go girl....


  1. i know this is like really old but i must say i love it ! wished i knew how to make it !!

  2. You are in luck!! Here is the recipe:



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