Saturday, November 14, 2009

tea for ten

today i had the honor of putting together a birthday tea party for a very special 8 year old young lady.
miss selah was one of our flower girl's at our wedding.

i promised her a tea party as a thank you.
and 3 1/2 years later...i finally held true to my promise.

in my early 20's i worked as a tea server at the world renowned halekulani.
when i first began my party planning business, i had geared myself towards doing little girl's birthday tea parties.

God had other plans.
this is the 3rd tea party i have done in as many years.
weddings and showers seem to take up the majority of my time.

truth be told, i looooove hosting tea parties and would like to do more.
there is just something so magical about watching little girls arrive all dolled up their frilly party dresses....seeing their faces light up when they see everything set up just for them.
they are on their best behavior, saying please and thank you.

we held the party in selah's beautiful backyard.
the weather was absolutely perfect.
selah's little bro shiloh and dad gbo, helped me get the back yard transformed in to an english tea garden.

the birthday girl anxiously awaiting her guests...

selah's mama juliana and grandma joanie prepared some of the treats.
baby sis evi watched us set up from her exersaucer.

after 1 1/2 hours of set was tea time!!
nine adorable friend's showed up to help celebrate.
as the guests arrived, we had them work on their party craft,
decorating a fairy tale princess cone hat.

even baby sis evi had a hat!

the ladies then sat down to enjoy a 3 course tea service;
scones with lemon curd, tea sandwiches and pastries.
there was fresh lemonade and passion fruit tea, served hot of course.

pinkies out = fancy schmancy

bff's for life.
how stinkin' cute is little 4 year old ella on the right...
nose, chin. same thing.
its on her head, right??

everyone had nice, full tummies so we went inside to open gifts.

ella bella...still workin' that hat.

after ohhing and ahhing over selah's birthday loot,
we headed into the dining room for some cake
and to sing happy birthday!

milk chocolate cake with almond cream frosting
selah's cake had a plum filling.

the girls took pictures with the guest of honor before they left...

8 years old.
i remember the night you were born and
when your mommy and daddy brought you home from the hospital.
you were my next door neighbor for the 1st year of your life.
i loved seeing your little face when i would come up the stairs to my apartment after work.
you and your mommy would be waiting at your window for your daddy to come home.
you would laugh hysterically when i would jump out and
scare you in the stairwell.
i was there when you took your 1st step because i said to you
"com'on selah, walk!!"
and to my shock and everyone's surprise you took a step towards me.
you would sit with my purse after church and dig for treasures.
you would pull out my chapstick and hand it to me.
i would act like i was putting it on your lips.
you were only two, but you thought it was so cool.
i've watched you be a great big sister to your brother
and now your new little sister.
we watched you at your 1st ballet recital in your cute, sparkly costume.
you helped with our wedding ceremony by being a perfect flower girl.
you are kind and compassionate and you love Jesus with all your heart.
i have prayed for my own baby girl to have qualities just like you.
keep on shining for Jesus, selah.

happy birthday!
i hope you enjoyed your tea party....
i sure have enjoyed having you in my life.
love, auntie, uncle and the munch


  1. SO CUTE!!! What a GREAT party!!!

  2. i'm dying!
    so amazing!
    selah will remember this forever...
    love you.



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