Wednesday, November 4, 2009

we all scream for ice cream

i think i began planning the munch's 1st birthday party the week we brought her home from the hospital.

for real.
i can't help it!! its what i do!!

at first, i wanted to do a cupcake themed party.
i quickly realized that EVERYONE was doing cupcake themed parties.

i like a challenge.
to go where no party planner has gone before.

i searched the internet high and low for ice cream themed birthday party ideas.
not much was out there.
nothing. zilch. nada.

i got an ice cream maker about 10 months ago.
i knew i wanted to have an ice cream sundae bar with some homemade ice creams....but that was all i had.

then a simple idea popped into my head.
it was creative and inexpensive.
gotta love it!

i crochet and have boxes of yarn.
i rolled yarn into balls, placed them with a real ice cream cone in a cylinder vase and voila!!
i had party centerpieces!

to off set the top pink scoop
i stuck a tooth pick in to the cream yarn ball first
then pushed the pink one on to the toothpick.

it seemed like everywhere i went i began finding the cutest ice cream accessories!
cvs pharmacy and the dollar tree were where i found the majority of the items.
go figure!
so here are some pictures from the munch's first birthday ice cream social...
my good friend, lacey made the amazing invitations.

a friend of mine gave me these cute paper plates
about a week after the munch was born.
i found them in my party cabinet about a month before the party.
talk about picking the right birthday theme!

a good friend of ours had these
amazing tissue paper ice cream cones she let us borrow.

ice cream cone tree.
i made little yarn balls, poked two holes into the sides of the cone
and secured the ball down with a small piece of yarn
that went around the ball and through the cone.

my super helper samantha decorated old formula cans
with acrylic paint and pictures of the birthday girl.

i found these adorable ceramic ice cream cone cups
at cvs pharmacy on sale for .60 cents each!!

the favors:
real ice cream cones, tops were dipped in white candy coating
and then rolled in jimmies.
i filled them with sour ropes, stickers, pixi stix, gum balls and party blowers.

ice cream bubbles and ice cream marshmallows
on one of my mom's daily walks,
she was going through kahala mall in honolulu
and found the perfect pinata at the complete kitchen.
she was so sweet to hand carry it on the plane
when she came for the party!

make your own ice cream sundae bar.

our sweetie birthday girl getting a kiss from dada.
riley's grandma sewed the cute fabric triangle flag banner
hanging behind dada and the munch.

ice cream cone cupcakes.
you can actually bake the cake directly into the cone!
here is the recipe.

she enjoyed mushing her cake more than eating it.

hope this helps you plan your own ice cream social!


  1. That is a fantastic idea! I absolutely love the centerpiece!

  2. Darling! Centerpiece is so cute, great job.

  3. So cute! I saw your ice cream centerpieces at Party Perfect and thought I'd come over to see the rest of the party. You did an awesome job! It's very cute.

  4. Where did you find the tree that you decorated? I just love it!



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