Friday, November 6, 2009

weekly dose!

its november.
how did that happen???



the munch and i have been cooped up in our lil apartment for over a week because of my lingering sinus infection turned hacking elephant/kazoo cough.
thank you for your prayers....i'm feeling human again.

it was a beautiful day.
it must have been about 75 degrees today.
we HAD to get out for a walk.

look who's just a little anxious to get out of the apartment.

she is watching me put on my walking shoes so she knows
were going somewhere.
i am taking too long for her liking.

hurry UP mama!!!

uh oh...straight leg pike position...we better get outta here.
we grabbed the camera so you could go on our walk with us.

there's my happy girl.
we're outside! whoo hooo!!

our hood

look what moved in across the street from us....
this is for the ladies > > >

land of inexpensive trendy clothes and jewelery.
a stones throw away. great.

around the corner from forever 21, our favorite antique store.

crossing pacific coast highway to get to the beach...

amazing day....

(don't you) wish you were here...

look who fell asleep...

brah, hb loves hawaii.

our little post office

california greetings, one of my favorite shops downtown.

international surf museum

what's happening...where am i??

good morning sunshine!
nice of you to join me.

so that is our little downtown area!
hope you enjoyed the tour.

back upstairs to get a snack for the munch.
who knew watching someone eat saltines could be so entertaining?

a cracker for me??! why thank you!

that 1st bite can be tough when you only have 8 teeth.

with her pinkie turned out just like i taught her.


if you have a keen eye for detail, you may have notice something different in these pictures.
after 8 long years of waiting...we are proud to show you our new carpet!!
thank you to helen and robert over at drake carpets.
we lurrrve it.

can you smell that new carpet smell?

oh...and the munch wanted to show you her toy and book nook.

i found this white cubby next to the dumpsters out back in perfectly good condition about 4 moths ago.
starbucks throws away the strangest things.
i ran out of our apartment like a mad woman to grab it before any one else did.
trash to treasure for us.

one curlicue today...

good grief she's cute.

she thinks i'm funny...

look at those chompers...and she uses them too. ouch.

i am still trying to get a picture of her carrying her mally doll around in her mouth like a puppy.

lil miss riley has been keeping me on my toes!
she loves to get in to her diaper bag and pull everything out.
she also drums her little hands on tables and chairs when she hears music.
she is such a sweet baby...easy to care for.

thank you for following us here on our blog.
i have made quite a few non weekly dose post entries for you to read up on below.

you MUST attempt to make this french bread.
if i can do it so can you...and yan can cook...put on your nike's and just do it.
don't be a slave to spending $2-3 on a grocery store loaf.

here is one all about the munch's 1st birthday party back in august.
i am trying to get as many of my parties and events posted on this site as i can.
it will feel like you were there after reading all the details and looking at the pictures!

one of my recipe posts and her party may be featured on another website soon...pretty exciting stuff.
i'll keep you posted.

we love and miss all of you terribly.
we pray you are healthy and happy as thanksgiving (my favorite!!) quickly approaches.
we all have so much to be thankful for.
this family is thankful for you and for God's unconditional love for each and every one of us....

the munch and her stain free carpet loving mama


  1. KE, it's always so much fun to read your blog! I love reading about the fun you and Miss Riley have each week! This week I really enjoyed the photos of downtown HB as I've been a bit homesick thinking about the holidays and missing friends and family.

    We love the Justice League and pray for you often!


  2. Awe...thanks Sandy! We miss you guys so very much. Thanks for the comment.



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