Friday, November 13, 2009

weekly dose!

it is like a summer day in the middle of november here in so. cal!!

i love. love. love. it.
i am a island girl at heart.
i no likey cold weather.

the munch at this very moment is playing happily with a cardboard box.
she is pulling the packaging tape off of it like its an olympic sport.
fast and furious and with great concentration.

when my cousin armando was a lil bit, (he is now 17. WHATEVER)
he would play for hours with my brothers shoes and a laundry basket.

now that i have a lil bit of my own, i see the irony in it all.
you can spend hundreds of dolla bills on buckets of toys....
but all they want to play with is the remote and a cardboard box.


all toy purchasing has ceased in the justice home.
goes along nicely with reuse, re-purpose and recycle theme of 2009.
how ever i do have an obsession with buying EVERY sippy cup i come across in hopes that the munch will "totally get how to use this one".

so here is the lil missy playing with her fave NON toy:

the silver remote with a green power button

look at that determination!!
she does know that by pressing the green power button
the elmo box will turn on.
she is her daddy's girl for shizzle.

comin' around the bend with mally and the 'mote
look at that face!!

"MAMA, WHAT CHANNEL IS ELMO ON??" she has discovered another NON toy.
my water bottle:

that's enough of the water bottle...back to the 'mote.

she likes to slide around on it.

don't you just love when the morning sunlight streams
through your windows...
i love it even more when i notice how dirty those sun kissed windows
are as i post pictures of them on the internet for everyone and their mother to see.

found her kewpie ACTUAL toy.

this picture cracks me right up.
she points at everything with her index finger.

kiss kiss the baby

baby slobber...

now lil miss busy bee will go pull out every book in the cabinet.

is this the one?? it is.

getting comfy with her book.

riley has been doing the funniest things lately.
she has the best laugh ever.
her and her daddy wrestle with each other every night.
she likes to headbutt everything. the wall, the sofa, the bed.
she has even begun to "charge" down the hallway.
with her eye closed, head to the ground.
she has hit the wall a few times.
we both have a good laugh when that happens.
she is almost 15 months and hasn't even attempted to walk yet.
she has nooooo interest in it at all.
when ever she sees or holds something she likes she goes "ooooohhhhhhh" in a loud sing song voice.

we just love her to pieces.

we pray you are well as thanksgiving quickly approaches.
i have 3 events over the next 4 it is especially busy for us.
cool stuff...riley's birthday party was featured on another website!

remember to take the time to write, pray or say out loud to others all that you are thankful for.
Psalm 19:14
Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
Be acceptable in Your sight,
O LORD, my strength and my Redeemer.

the munch and her party crazy mama

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