Friday, November 20, 2009

weekly dose!

hello everyone...hope you are having a wonderful week.
thanksgiving is less than 6 days away.

can you believe it??
what are your plans for my favorite holiday?
we will be staying home this year and jere jae's parents will be driving over to join us.

last year we made the trek up to see my aunties, uncle and cousins in spreckels and santa cruz.

the munch was a lil teeny tiny bit at only 3 months old.
the drive normally takes about 6-7 hours.
we arrived in NINE+ hours.
if we were on a plane we could have been in TOKYO.

the munch was a champ through the whole thing!!
her mommy and daddy were the one's crying!! was one of the best thanksgivings ever!
to be with my family and see everyone holding my baby for the 1st time.
so special.
the food was ah-mazing.
definitely worth the drive.
my auntie ani, cousin's andrea and kaili and auntie julie made the most incredible dishes.
lumpia, roasted turkey breast and a lamb stuffed with feta cheese, kalamata olives encrusted with pumpkin seeds and pistachios were the highlights.
auntie ani out did her self on that lamb!!
we STILL talk about how good everything was!

this year i am looking forward to giving riley a huge turkey leg to gnaw on.
i can't wait to get pictures of that!

this morning i was watching my baby girl crawl all over the place checking things out.
she is so inquisitive and talks...or rather babbles no stop.
she is just plain fun to be around and brings joy everywhere she goes.
what a blessing it is to have a child that is loved and cared for by so many.

here is what she was up to this morning....

she dined on cheerios

here she is attempting to dive face 1st in to the pile of cheerios
scooping some up with her little tongue.
such a lady.

look, ma! no hands!!


checking out the lanai.

kissing her reflection in the glass.

making sure i got a picture of it...

making sure i took this picture...
here is what she's saying:

the next set of pictures were taken in a span of about 5 minutes
as the munch traveled around the living room...

drinking her baba's and watching sesame street...
i love these two pictures...
i'm am blocking her view of her beloved elmo on the elmo box.
she is trying to move around me so she can see."oh elmo!! i love you!"

the munch turned 15 months old on the 18th!
i feel like we are on fast forward....she is growing so fast.

her newest thing is kissing and LICKING her own reflection in anything that she sees herself in.
this includes the stove, our stainless steel fridge, mirrors and windows.
good grief it is too funny.
the picture above of her kissing herself in the window does not do the whole act justice.
we are trying to get it on video so you can see it.

i gave her strawberries for the 1st time the other day and she loved them.
she looked at me and said "ohhhhhh!! mmmmmmmm!!"
she says mama and dada very clearly as well as "uh-oh!" when she drops something.
she still has no interest in walking....but that truly is fine with me.
i am surprised its taking her so long, but I know that once she starts there will be no stoppin' her!
when she sees her hawaii grandma and pop pop on video calls, she blows to kisses at them.
it is the cutest thing!

we are so thankful to the Lord for our happy, healthy little girl.
i am thankful for my handsome, Godly husband that serves our family and church family tirelessly.
i am thankful for friends near and far that keep my life on track and interesting with surprise stop by's and yell up's from the back alley, funny facebook statuses, ears for listening and kind words to encourage.
so thankful for my family.
especially thankful to have a loving Savior that sent His only son just for me and you.

have a blessed thanksgiving....we love you!!

the munch and her grateful mama

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