Monday, November 16, 2009

wicked cool sweet 16

about 2 months ago a good friend of ours asked me to do a broadway themed costume party for her daughters 16th birthday.

awesome occasion and a fun way to celebrate a right of passage in to that ripe old age of sixteen.

i was in theater through out high school and college and have seen my fair share of musicals. my parents live a hop, skip and a jump from diamond head theater in honolulu. i loved going to events there because of its intimate setting and outdoor reception area.
i once even graced the stage at DHT for a musical tribute as part of a damn yankees ensemble.
good autographs please.

once again the internet was really no help.
i did notice how many people were searching for ideas to have a broadway themed party.

thinking back to opening nights and wrap parties i have attended, ideas began bouncing around in my head. you go peeps.

invitations asked that you arrive dressed
as your favorite broadway character.
as guests arrived we had "paparazzi" aka, friends and parents,
taking pictures of them walking the red carpet.

once they entered the house, we had them stand against
a gold tinsel background for individual pictures.
we used large black frames as a prop for them to hold.

there was also a collage poster of the birthday girl through out the years
for everyone to point at and say " CUTE!!!"

hanging next to the poster was an awesomely perfect gift
that only a determined mother could nab.
a personalized autographed head shot
of eden espinosa, who played elphaba in wicked. score.

we decorated with cut outs of musical playbills
we printed off from the internet.
we also used large gold cardboard stars
and musical notes found at a party supply store.

her brother photo-shopped the birthday girls face on to glinda.

guests were then escorted to the back patio
for an hors d'oeuvre reception.
hard working brother paul helped hang twinkle lights
and set up the tables.
little known fact, most plastic tables that you buy at costco
can be adjusted to a cocktail table height.

guests feasted on chow mein noodles with orange chicken
served in individual chinese take out boxes.

we had some friends help as servers.
everything was butler passed on trays.

birthday girl's mom noelani passing around sushi...

ice cream punch served in champagne glasses.

a game of trivia was played to see how well
the guests knew the birthday girl.

"uh...i need to pay more attention."

next was a costume contest....
there was an awards ceremony for the nights best dressed.
they received a "tony award".

the winners of the game and contest were also awarded a golden ticket.
this gave them a head of the line privileges
to the very elaborate candy buffet we had awaiting them.

one of my main ideas and a focal point of the party
would be to have a sweet 16 shoppe.
an over stocked candy and cookie buffet
with fresh popcorn and cupcakes to boot.

here are the winner's of the trivia contest
getting 1st dibs on all the sweets...

fresh popcorn anyone??

a projector was rented to show the musical "hairspray"
on a large blank wall in the house.

there was a room set up for karaoke
so the kids could belt out some broadway tunes...

and the living room was set up with beatles rock band.

and there was also dance dance revolution.

a group picture to end the night!
happy sweet 16 kehaulani!
looks like everyone had a blast.

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  1. Indeed, it was a very sweet 16 and we continue to get comments from the kids and parents....even the papparazzi (you know, the random people we've never met who just showed up to snap photos of the Broadway stars that night ;-) Thanks, Kim-Erin. Your brain full of event ideas continues to amaze and bless our family!!! Love, Noelani



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