Sunday, December 27, 2009

christmas cards

i just love opening the mail through out the month of december.

you fling the junk mail and bills aside and rip open brightly colored envelopes with "fun" postage stamps.


pictures of friends from near and far, updates on families and beautiful, thoughtful cards.
now that you have lots of amazing cards and photos...what do you do with them??

this is how i display ours...

i hang a piece of twine along the walls in our living room.
punch a hole in the top left of the card and hang the card with an ornament hook.
i like to hang ornaments along the twine as well.

when you are ready to take the cards down, don't just toss them.
i have a Christmas photo album for photo cards we receive.
cut off the greeting portion so only the picture remains.
on the back of the picture, write the year and the families name.
its fun to look back and watch families grow up over the years.

reuse pretty greeting cards as gift tags for next year's gifts.
i use a circle cutter or a craft punch....even regular old scissors.
cut out the pretty designs on the card or even just the part that says merry Christmas.
punch a hole in the top of the cut out and attach pretty ribbon.
write to and from on the back.
tie to gift.

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  1. I love the gift tag idea!!! Very creative, thanks for sharing!!



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