Thursday, December 17, 2009

i don't drink wine...

but i need wine glasses.
because i found the coolest alternate use for them!

wine glass vellum lamp shades.
here are some picture of the ones i made for a party last week.
if you don't know what vellum is you obviously haven't crafted with me in the past 10 years.
i am addicted to the stuff and i usually find a use for it at every single party i throw.

in a nut shell vellum is thick tracing paper.
i have noticed stores like staples are now selling it.
crafts stores like michael's carry it as well.
prices vary greatly from one store to another.

the directions and down loadable pdf pattern is available here at the save on crafts website.

you can make additions to the shades like glittering it, decorative hole punches through out the shade or use craft scissors to cut a pattern into the bottom of the shade.
go nuts!

you can use real tea lights, but i recommend using battery operated tea lights.
when you are ready to clean up there is no hot wax to worry about....and no wax in your wine glasses to clean out.

this shade works best with smaller wine glasses that are 10-12 oz.

happy partying!

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