Tuesday, December 8, 2009

if you love ice cream cakes...

you are gonna love this post!

lets be honest.
i think almost anyone would be thrilled to have an ice cream cake at every party they throw.
its just so festive and scrumptious.
when the cake is brought out and your guests ask what kind of cake it is,
when they hear its an ice cream cake, squeals of delight usually ensue.

but...there is a price to pay for that cake envy.
usually small ice cream cakes that feed 6-8 peeps start off at about $25.
i like to get more bang for my buck.
and this is a ridiculously simple way to do it.

Individual Ice Cream Cupcakes
yields 40-50 3.25oz. cupcakes

1 box cake mix of your choice and all the ingredients it calls for or one homemade cake
3.25 oz paper souffle cups. i get mine at smart & final. here is one online source.
circle biscuit cutter
2 half gallon containers of ice cream. which ever flavors you like.
fresh or canned whipped cream

One or two days prior to needing the cupcakes:
Bake the cake according to directions in a 13x9 pan.
Allow to cool completely.
Turn cake out on to a cutting board.
Cut cake with a cake lever or large sharp knife into 3 even layers.
Place two of the cake layers aside, leaving one on the cutting board.
Using a biscuit or round cutter that is the size of the bottom of the souffle cups, cut out rounds of the cake, lining up the next cut as close as you can to the 1st to have minimal waste.
Place one cake round into the bottom of a souffle cup.
You can even use the left over scraps to fill more cups.
Once all the cake is cut and placed in to the cups, stack the cups INTO one another. i did this to save freezer space.
Place all of the cake filled cups into a large gallon freezer Ziploc.
Put them in the freezer overnight or until you need them.

Day of:
If you are making fresh whipped cream, prepare it now and place it in a piping bag and allow to chill in the fridge.
Take the ice cream out of the freezer for about 5 minutes, just until its easy enough to scoop.
While the ice cream is softening, remove cake cups from the freezer and line them up on a cookie sheet, dusting cake crumbs off the bottom of the cups if they stick.
This goes very fast if you have a helper.

Place one scoop of ice cream on top of the cake using a small cookie dough scoop like this one.
pack it down till its flat with a spoon.
I fill them to right below the top of the cup so if they start to melt they don't drip.
You may or may not run out of ice cream for the last few depending on how much you fill each one.
Add whipped cream and sprinkles and DIG IN!

these are mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate cake...
what flavors will you make??
the reason i recommend baking a 13x9 inch cake and THEN cutting cake rounds from it is it would be very difficult to fill every single souffle cup with only a small amount of batter then bake them, making sure they don't over cook.
i found this easier and i was able to get a lot of cupcakes.

its also very important to use a paper souffle cup.
it keeps its shape.
cupcake liners will flare open and ice cream will drip out.

you can place the cupcakes back into the freezer with the ice cream and whipped cream on top to chill for a few hours, but HELLO, i'm a costco girl, i don't have that type of freezer space.
maybe you do, but i don't.
it was so convenient to serve these puppies right after assembling.
i think one complaint i have about ice cream cakes is that they are frozen solid and are hard to eat and a pain to cut.
these cupcakes are nice and cold but easy to eat. serve with a small spoon.

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