Tuesday, December 1, 2009

johnny & heather

i had the absolute pleasure of doing flowers and decor for a wedding on sunday up in mailbu at calimigos ranch.

i met the bride heather years ago when i 1st moved here.
she was attending high school youth group at hope chapel huntington beach where i was a leader.
i still can remember praying for her MANY soccer injuries during our small group meetings.
this girl is always on the go and very determined, especially when it comes to soccer.

good thing she never let all of those injuries slow her down or stop her.
she met her now husband johnny while playing soccer for westmont college.
johnny has since played professionally for the houston dynamo and is now waiting for the 2010 season draft.
pretty cool.

these two are such a perfect match for each other.
they both love the Lord, adore each other and eat, breath and dream all things soccer.

our main concern as we prepped and planned for this wedding was that it would be elegant, natural and rustic with touches that reflected the two of them with out being a soccer "themed" wedding.

as heather and i talked at our first meeting she mentioned she would have assigned seating.
i immediately had an idea pop into my head.
i envisioned the place cards being little soccer jerseys with the guests last name printed on the back as the "player name" and the table number being the "player number".
they would be on sticks stuck into trays of grass.

i explained my idea to heather and her face immediately lit up.
she knew johnny would love it, too.
now i just needed to figure out how to make 200 miniature soccer jerseys!

another tall order to fill was an over the top candy buffet.
over the past 3 years this has quickly become the go to solution for what to do as a wedding favor.
i usually always recommend the favor be something edible.

i can actually say that this was the 1st wedding in a long time that i actually felt nervous for the day before.
the hour and a half to two hour drive up to mailbu was getting to me.

i had to transport 25 glass centerpiece, 15 glass jars for the candy buffet, 40 pounds of candy, a bird cage card box, a small tree and flowers, flowers, flowers.
plus a 6 foot 4 inch assistant.
through the torturous road ways of LA.
where one car accident can cause a 3 hour back up.
i prayed on my face that night for favor on our travel and the Lord was good to us.

we made it there in about an hour and a half.

everything was smooth sailing from the moment we got there!
well, actually until i heard the words:
"i cut myself...BAD."

chandler, my assistant for the day, was busy cutting limes for the centerpieces when he mistook his finger for one.
he thinks he sliced his finger to the bone.
we found a band-aid.
it helped to contain the bleeding.
i said we should see if anyone was a nurse so they could take a look at it.
he laughingly reminded me that he is an EMT and he was fine.

so i made him cut more limes.

everything turned out beautiful.
happy bride and groom.
happy parents!
happy me.

with out further adieu....
here are some picture i took with my camera.
i apologize ahead of time.
i am usually so busy that i don't remember to stop and take pictures.
i did not take many, so i am anxiously awaiting the professional pics.

location and catering :: calimigos ranch, malibu
photographer :: huntington house photography, paul thompson
videographer :: vivid wedding films
onsite coordinator :: mindy roderick
cupcakes :: vanilla bake shop
dj :: djfx
flowers & decor :: yours truly
all of the flowers before we started....

finished centerpieces with
pennant table numbers and team names.

soccer jersey place cards

i set up a manzanita tree on the place card table
with pictures of heather and johnny over the years.

the candy buffet

i named the candy buffet the sugar shack.
a nod to a favorite huntington beach restaurant.

amazing cupcakes from vanilla bake shop.
they are bite size cupcake babies.
400 of 'em.
took the guy 2 hours to set it up.

mr. & mrs.!!

first dance...

meeting ryan and his wife susan from vivid wedding films was one of the highlights of the wedding for me.
they do incredible work and were so easy going...
stealth is another word that comes to mind to describe them.
you never noticed them but they were getting everything on film.
i highly recommend them.
hope they don't mind coming to so. cal. more often.

here is their love story video they shot on friday to show at the wedding on sunday:

Heather + Johnny | Love Story from Vivid Wedding Films on Vimeo.

and here is a short teaser video of the wedding.
uh....by the way, they put this together in the airport lobby during an unexpected layover.
absolutely amazing.
i can't wait to see the finished full length cut:

Heather and Johnny | Wedding Trailer from Vivid Wedding Films on Vimeo.

heather and johnny are off on their honeymoon to jamaica.
i pray you two have an awesome life together.
serving God and each other.
always out of love.
and like heather's dad said in his speech...that little soccer players will come along soon.

now i am getting ready for a big, fabby baby shower this weekend.
pickles and ice cream is the theme...can't wait to share it with you!

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  1. Wonderful pictures!! The soccer jersey place cards are looking good. Have recently arranged my nephew’s wedding at one of awesome Chicago event venues. Everything was amazing there as all the preparations were done by famous wedding vendors.



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