Monday, December 7, 2009

pickles and ice cream....

i scream,
you scream,
but she screams for pickles and ice cream!

this was how i started off the invites to the baby shower i did this past weekend.

i have always thought this theme would be cute.
jenn was the perfect candidate to try it out on.
once a vegetarian, this baby girl has her craving all sorts of things, including meat!

the day was a wonderful mix of beautiful friends and family, good conversation and lots of food.
about 60-70 ladies were in attendance.
the shower was held at jenn's mama's gorgeous home.

here is a run down of all the details!
anxiously awaiting hannah rose sign greeted the guests as they arrived.
here is the template to make your own.
and yes, i have this at almost all my events.
love this.

we hung a manzanita branch in the entry way
with pickle ornaments (from oriental trading) and
ice cream ornaments (from pier 1) hanging from it.
i made a diaper cake and wrapped it with
receiving blankets to give it a more finished look.
here is a video tutorial that gives step by step instructions.
pickle and olive bar, crudite with hummus,
tzatziki sauce and pita chips.
raspberry ice cream punch and lemon iced teacolor coordinated water bottles.
so easy to do.
remove the existing water bottle label.
cut cute scrapbook paper in to 2 x 7.5 inch strips
attach with glue dots or double sided tape.
best to serve at room temperature.
do not submerse in ice.
amazing 3-d picture of hannah rose!
she is smiling!!!
picture on the right is of mommy when she was a baby.
prizes: ice cream scoop with a pink or apple green handle,
lunch size pickle packs and an ice cream topping.
a trip through the sugar and spice candy buffet
was the favor for the guests:
the sugar candy:
skittles, starbursts, swirl lollipops, sour gummi worms,
gumballs, candy necklaces and
my favorite, personalized pink and gold m&m's
with hannah rose printed on them....
ordered by hannah's grandpa. adorable.

the spice candy:
hot tamales, red hots and big red gum.
i used jars of pickles as risers.
i found plain white food containers
that are also pint ice cream containers.
wrapped them with tulle and ribbon and cut out
circle 'H's for hannah and glued them to the lids.
the ladies filled these containers up with candies to take home.

guest began to arrive.
we prayed over jenn and baby hannah.
jenn's mom cindy, jenn and ainsley.

time to eat!
salads and panini's galore....
i will post all of the recipes soon.
i promise.
herbed turkey panini with havarti and cranberry
joanie k's chicken curry & rice salad
served with lettuce to make wraps
fruit salad
orzo salad with feta, basil and dried cranberries
layered pea salad
there was also spinach salad and a santa fe salad.

after lunch we had the ladies work on
designing onesies and bibs for the baby.
then jenn began opening her 4,997 gifts.
holy. moley.
this kid is SET till the 3rd grade.
i am not kidding.
i think there was a porthole that fed directly in to babies r us.
we served dessert during the gift opening.
cookies, coffee and
mint chocolate chip ice cream cupcakes with fresh whipped cream.
jenn's favorite of course.
i found this alternative to an ice cream cake
much neater to serve seeing as how there
was no cutting a continuously melting cake!

the only game we played was easy and very simple.
you set a timer for every 4-6 minutes
while the guest of honor opens her presents.
every time the buzzer goes off,
who's ever gift is being opened at that moment wins a prize.
easy peasy.

we also honored one other mommy to be with a special ornament from hallmark.
lacey is due in april.
another girl!
i couldn't believe it when i found this ornament.
its a pregnant angel, holding a jar of pickles in one hand
and a pint of ice cream in the other.
the metal tag on the top says:
mom to be angel, heavenly license to crave.
stop. it.

this shower was just a joy to put together
and a joy to be in attendance at!
so many wonderful friends and family in the same room.
love abounds.

well lil miss hannah rose...
we truly are anxiously awaiting your arrival.
your mommy and daddy are preparing a place for you
in a home filled with love, laughter and the presence of the Lord.
your grandparents are already beaming
with pride at the mention of your name.
you will be one of the best dressed kids on the block.
your pink and brown giraffe room is absolutely adorable.
you are so wanted and loved.

thank you Lord for the gift of this little one that
you are knitting together in her mommy's womb.
i pray that her hands and feet
will bring the Good News everywhere she goes...

we can't wait to meet you.


  1. Wow Kim-Erin you did an outstanding job! I hope the mommy and daddy to be were very HAPPY!

  2. beautifully done! :) it's so.. Kim-Erin-esque!

  3. Hi! This is amazing! I am throwing a cravings shower and I love a lot of your ideas. Question for you, where did you get the huge glass jars that held the lemonade and iced tea? Do you know what they are called? Thank you so much!

  4. Hi Lincoln!
    Thanks for the compliments! They are large 2 gallon jars that come with lids. I got them at Walmart and Target for only about $13 each!|B000RMS11Q&CPNG=kitchen&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001



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