Friday, December 4, 2009

weekly dose!

hi everyone!!

hope you are healthy and happy this week as Christmas quickly approaches.

we are still enjoying great southern california weather in december.
its been in the 70's with clear skies.
since i grew up in hawaii with no feels like Christmas to me!

i am super busy this week with a wedding and a baby shower.
i only have time for a quick update.

the munch has been teething up a storm lately.
she just hasn't been herself...poor mommy...oops.
i mean poor baby.
she has been really clingy and whiny.
what ever i am doing she wants to sit in my lap and do it too.
i can usually get her to play by herself for a little while if i give her a pen to play with.
she is fascinated by them....especially the clicky ones.

its been a little tricky balancing party planning and attending to the munchie.
she loves when i lie next to her as she falls asleep taking a nap.
she will reach her hand up above her head and feel around for my face to see if i'm still there.
so cute and sweet.
i don't mind stopping what i'm doing to get some cuddles!

here is a picture of the munch drinking some apple juice in her baba, holding mally and watching elmo...
i still can't get over her beautiful eyes...

so tonight i was running around like a mad woman getting some last minute things for a baby shower i am doing tomorrow morning.

dada and the munch stayed at home.
this is what i came home to::
both of my babies asleep on the living room floor.
the munch LOVES to sleep like this for some strange reason.
looks painful and uncomfortable to me, but she prefers it.
i think this means she may be an olympic gymnast.

i posted a few days ago about the wedding i did on sunday.
everything went so well!
here is what i did with some leftover flowers from the centerpieces i brought home.
i made one big arrangement for us to enjoy ;-)
i love hydrangeas and roses together.
with some limes thrown in for color and texture..
and here is a little sneak peek from the baby shower i am doing tomorrow.
the diaper cake i made.
strictly for decor purposes only!!
not to eat.
{that was mainly for the men that are wondering what flavor it is}
i will post instructions soon.
have a wonderful week...

the munch and her sleep deprived mama

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