Sunday, December 13, 2009

weekly dose!

sorry friends and family....
this is about 4 days over due.
blogger has been giving me a hard time and i haven't been able to post.
sad face.

since the weekly dose is all about the lil cutie in my house
i will start you off with some pictures of the munch and one her famous 30 second yawns.

catching some flies....

she unhinged the snake jaw for this one.

finally finished.
she looks pretty pleased with herself.

here are some of the many faces of the munch:

up to something...

so pensive!

elmo's world was a nail biter today!

my sly one!

oh and by the way these photos come to you courtesy of my new:
i STILL can't believe this camera is mine!!

the Lord is truly my provider.
for over a year and a half since the munch was born,
i have been wanting, NOT needing mind you, an slr digtal camera.

since my event business has begun to grow legs and run,
i have been wanting one a little more.
since starting this blog in september, i have been REALLY been wanting one.

our point and shoot is awesome.
nothing is wrong with it.
people actually ask all the time what kind of camera
i have because it takes good, crisp in focus pictures.
i was content.

but a girl can still hope and pray, right?
that if the Lord somehow saw fit
that one of these fancy, beautiful cameras
could maybe somehow,
if possible,
fall off of a turnip truck and just happen to land in my lap,
i would be more than o.k. with that.
in Jesus name.

it turns out that the 'turnip truck' driver is a close, dear friend of ours.

you see, the Lord uses people to bless us along the way in this life we live.
yes, He could use angels or do things anonymously,
but the Lord chooses to uses people like you and me.
that we would live in community with one another.

out of an abundance of the Lord blessing my friend,
she turned around and blessed my socks off.
i loooove God's economy.
He is never...EVER in a recession.

over the past year, i remember feeling very clearly that i was not to
go out and buy or somehow get this camera on my own.
not to charge it on a card or even save for it.
that the Lord was going to give me one.

when it finally happened, it was a beautiful exchange.
i could feel the Lord saying to me
'thank you for waiting so i could do this for you.'
my friend and i cried our eyes out.

thank you Lord for the gift of faith.
that its a daily act to participate in this with you.
that you have my needs and wants covered.
you know better than anyone my hearts desires.
that you own the cattle on a thousand hills (psalm 50:10).
your resources are above my own.
you are able.

Matthew 7:11
If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children,
how much more will your Father who is in heaven
give good things to those who ask Him!

thank you Lord, for your provision
that comes in such beautiful and unexpected ways.
~ ~ ~

i know some of you out there are in need of necessities
much more than i seemingly need this camera.
but your story is waiting to be told as mine was today.
what ever your need is, He is able.
if you are having hard financial times
or just need the faith to believe He is able,
leave me a comment or send me an email and we will pray with you.

we love all of you very much and pray you are having
a wonderful time getting ready for Christmas!
our lil apartment is decorated and we went to see santa with the munch yesterday.
i will post pictures soon.
if blogger lets me.

be blessed and bless each other.

love: the munch and her faith-filled mama

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