Thursday, December 24, 2009

weekly dose!

mele kalikimaka friends!

its the most wonderful time of the year!!
its even more wonderful with this lil cutie around.

i can't stand it sometimes.
she is so stinkin' cute!

her daddy thinks so too.

he rewarded her cuteness with this the other day.
a soft and cuddly cookie monster doll.
an early Christmas present that mommy will take and
wrap some time at 1am
on Christmas morning and place under the tree.
she will be so thrilled to unwrap him!!
since they already know each other...

she's only 16 months old.
gotta love it when you can still shop
WITH your kids for their presents.

giving him the anaconda squeeze.

name that movie.

look at that face!
i think she know's what i'm up to.

i am also going to wrap up some of her other toys, too...
as in one's she's had for awhile.

may i remind you that this is the kid that likes to play with NON toys.
maybe reintroducing them to her will make her want to play with them!


i have been trying to instill the get one, give one rule.
if one new toy comes into the house,
one old toy gets donated to goodwill or our church.

we have had an interesting week so far.
i took my happy girl to the doctor on wednesday.
she has a cough she just can't shake.
come to find out he has a double ear infection
and needs to have breathing treatments a few times a day.
you would never know by looking at her.
she is her cute, bubbly self.
please pray for her quick recovery.

well, we are off to get some last minute stuff done for Christmas!

we hope you have a wonderful Christmas where ever you are.
remember the reason we celebrate this most beloved holiday.
God sent His only son for you and me.
happy birthday Jesus.

the munch and her nurse mama

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