Saturday, January 2, 2010

brown paper packages, tied up with strings....

these are a few of my favorite things .
sing it with me!

i am a true believer and charter member of the home made gifts are just better fan club.
bath salt and bubble bath kits are beautiful (and wasted on this girl that only has a shower),
cashmere sweaters are soft and cuddly...but give me something you made with your blood, sweat and tears and i am going to be a happy camper.

i had such a fun time putting together the goody boxes we gave to our neighbors and friends this past Christmas.
it wasn't stressful or hard.
it put me in the Christmas spirit and i was really happy with the results.
i can't wait till the munch can help me bake and put these bad boys together one day.
i'm already looking forward to making some for valentine's.

place your orders now.

here's what made it in to the "munchie's Christmas munchies" goody boxes::

i made sure to wrap all the treats up in separate cello bags,
so the tastes of each treat stayed true to themselves.

i lined the white food boxes i got at
smart and final with turquoise tissue paper.

sealed the tissue with a cute little picture
of the munch that said "munchie approved".
she is taking a bite of her 1st ever cookie in the picture.

i added brown packaging wrap around the middle of the box,
rust colored satin ribbon and custom tags.

here are the boxes finished up...

hope everyone enjoyed their treats!!

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