Thursday, January 7, 2010

weekly dose!

happy new year everyone!

its the 1st official weekly dose of 2010.
how do you say it??
twenty ten
two-thousand ten?

i'm a two-thousand tenner myself. are you?
we are great and were so happy to hear from many of you
via your Christmas cards and emails.
the Lord is good and failthful.
looking forward to a great year.

we have had an interesting few weeks.
the munch had a double ear infection and had to be on a nebulizer for some wheezing.
no asthma or bronchitis, just a precaution from her pediatrician.
she is doing great now.

did you know that one side effect of an ear infection is explosive diarrhea????
you didn't? ya know.
and so do we.
in a very bad way.

when parents say to their kids "hey...i used to change your diapers!!"
i know now what parents are referring to.
parents are saints.

the lil munch is as busy as ever getting into everything.
her favorite new spot is the pantry.

"MOM!! why do you have so many sprinkles????"

she is loving her new guitar she got for Christmas.

she hangs out with her talking elmo a lot.

cutie pie!

playing peek a boo.

but her favorite new toy is once again NOT a toy at all...
we'll at least not for her.

like a moth to a flame...

she can NOT keep her hands off of this thing!
she must touch the keyboard at all times of the day.
we find her at my desk on her tippy toes reaching for the keyboard.
we even gave her an old keyboard to play with.
she scoffs at it.
it apparently must be an active keyboard
so that she be a crazed button smasher...
deleting files and shrinking the screen so small
mommy can't figure out how to change it back.
she is her father's daughter for sure!
a techy geek in the making.

"nanny nanny boo boo."

we were once again overly blessed by receiving this computer as a gift
from some very special and generous people.
the Lord knows your needs...just ask.

sending lots of love to all of you near and far.
we pray that 2010 will be a year of prosperity and blessings for you and your family.

the munch and her mama

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