Sunday, January 17, 2010

weekly dose!!

hello everyone!

hope this update finds you blessed and healthy.
i know i join many, if not all of you as we pray for the nation and people of haiti.
what they have experienced is a devastation that many of us can not even conceive of.

i pray that this moves many of us to action, if not globally then locally.
that we will help each other in some way...especially in prayer.

the munch and i had a busy week.
running here and there...seeing friends and getting things done.
one morning we came home to a nice little surprise on our doorstep.
my auntie linda in san fransisco sent the munch a package!

go baby go!!

ohhhh....such pretty wrapping.
mommy likes!

the most beautiful lady bug dress up gown!!
with wings AND antenna.

and an amazing dalmatian jacket!

thank you auntie linda!!!
we loooove it.
the munch was exhausted after unwrapping her surprise gifts.

so she sat on the couch to pick her toes.
such a little lady.

"can i help you??"

i have noooo idea what she is doing.

petting her face with her foot maybe??
i don't think SHE even knows what she's doing!

she almost has all of her teeth!

mommy is in the way of a clear view of baby einstein.

i love her little toes.
i want to bite them all the time and i have to restrain myself.
she has her daddy's toes.
how do i know??
because they both can do this and i can't.
big toe up and other toes down.

like they are hitchin' a ride with their big toe.

"sheezzzzee mom, do you have to tell EVERYONE our bidness??"

scrunchie face!!!!!

and i want to bite her cheeks and earlobes, too.
i basically want to eat her for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
i sure have fun with her.
i am blessed that i can stay at home with her.
this time is so precious to me and i don't take it for granted.

jere jae had a very exciting week.
he was able to attend the NAMM show for the 1st time.
he has been wanting to go for years.
i was so excited for him.
its a huge music product trade show that you have to be invited to attend.
it was held in anaheim, about a 30 minute drive from us.
he called me on thursday not long after he got there to tell me
he had extra passes for the NAMM worship night.
our good friends were able to watch the munch
and i picked up one of our youth group drummers to go with us.
two of our favorite worship leaders were playing,
paul baloche and lincoln brewster.
here are some pictures:

paul baloche

kirk whalum...AH-mazing saxophonist.
he was such a an unexpected highlight for me.
think dave koz.

jere jae had me in stitches after he leaned over and said to me,
"the guitarist looks like carl winslow."

now i can't even look at him with out thinking about steve urkel.

lincoln brewster

we had a really great time.
such a nice treat.

thanks for reading this long weekly dose!
we sure love hearing from all of you.
sorry so many of you are having a hard time leaving comments.
i am trying to see if i can allow comments no matter
who your email server is.
stand by....
EDIT: i think i fixed it!
anyone who wants to leave a comment should now be able to access this function,
no matter who you have an email account with.
you just select 'anonymous' if you don't have any of the other listed accounts.
so go ahead and try it out for me, purdy please!!

we love all of you very much.
until next week!!

the munch and her praying mama


  1. Hi KE and Munch... so good to hear from you guys. I always like these updates, they make me feel like I'm not so far away. Glad you had such a good week. I can't believe how cute the munch is! She's a beauty!

    Love you guys!
    Sandy Godwin

  2. LOL! Carl Winslow! (Emily S)

  3. Hahaha!!! Steve erkel!!!!!!!!!!! :) love ya



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