Tuesday, January 26, 2010

weekly dose!!

aloha everyone!

we are finally drying out here in so cal from STORM WATCH 2010.
i have n.e.v.e.r. seen it rain so much in my whole 8 years of living here.
there was even a tornado about 4 miles away from us in huntington harbour.
it picked up boats, cars and ripped trees out of the ground.
i just saw online that its supposed to rain again this week.

one fun thing that the winter storms bring is lots and lots of snow!
there is more snow in the mountains east of us, big bear and running springs area, than they have seen since 1969. wow.

on saturday, jere jae, the munch and i walked down to the pier to ruby's for breakfast.
i woke up and declared i wanted someone else to cook for us.
i made sure to grab my camera because i knew if the skies were clear there would be some pictures worth taking.

we put our name down for a table then headed back outside to wait.
and that's when we saw it!

S N O W !

its pretty darn cool to see snow from the beach.

after breakfast on our way back down the pier,
we notice the ocean was very angry!
there was a set of waves that hit the pier that shook it violently.
i have never felt it do that.
everyone stopped and looked at each other.
pretty frightening.

the pier is made of reinforced concrete
and can withstand a 7.0 earthquake and 30 foot waves.
feeling it shake was scary.

we had a nice morning getting out of the apartment and into the cool, fresh air.

so.....the other day, my wallet was stolen.
i had a good idea who the culprit was.
i looked all over the apartment and finally found the little thief
behind the couch quietly going through her loot.

she found 2 twenty dollar bills and held one in each hand.
i was laughing too hard to take a good picture.
so here she is holding one of the twenty's.
out of alllll the stuff in my wallet,
how on earth does a 17 month old know
that those green papers have any value???
jere jae said "its because she's a girl."
its because her mama trained her right.

the munch has also been busy learning to touch the computer
while balancing on the edge of the couch.

this is the same kid that is too scared to walk on her own.

she has also figured out how to turn our lamp on and off.
i think her daddy may have helped her figure it out.

we sure are having fun with our crazy little girl.
she is such a social baby and loves being around lots of people.
she usually will go to anyone and will give
hugs when she leaves a room.
she makes the funniest faces i have ever seen.
she wakes up singing in the morning.
when it rained last week the little hair she does
have curled up all over her head.
at 17 months she is walking across the living room with
the aid of her toy push cart.
hopefully before she goes off to college she will be walking on her own.
she does NOT like it when jere jae and i hug or kiss in front of her.
she starts to pout and cry and will come over and push ME away from her daddy.
usually i get a hand in my face as she pushes me.
i have to turn my head and laugh quietly while
her daddy explains to her that what she is doing is not ok.
"you need to be nice to mommy."
yes, if you want your diaper changed and bottles made for you,
i also suggest being NICE to me.

we love you and miss all of you terribly!
hope you have something to look forward to this week.
may God bless you and keep you!

the munch and the woman that chases her

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