Saturday, January 9, 2010

X marks the spot

i love a good treasure hunt...especially at yard sales.

my latest find was this 14 cup cuisinart coffee maker:

i got it for five doh-lars
a brand spanking new $90 coffee maker for $5.

the gentleman that was selling it showed me that the glass carafe had a crack in it.
i knew that i could get a replacement carafe for abut $20-30 bucks online.
i gave him my money and skipped back to the car.

the coolest thing that happened was when i got home.
our old cuisinart 12 cup carafe FIT into this one!!
i don't know how but it works just fine.

here is a little tool i wanted to pass along to you.
you can join me in the thrill of the hunt with this
AMAZING website called yard sale treasure map.

its pure genius.
based on your local craigslist yard sale listings,
you can make a custom map of the yard sales in your area.

say what!!?

you can even have the map list the addresses in order so that you will make a round about circle back to your house!
if you are looking for something specific like an dresser, enter it into the search and only the listings with dresser in the description will pull up.
this will save you valuable time so you can skip the sales that don't have one!

so get to it and don't pay the man full price ;-)
find it at a yard sale.
happy hunting!


  1. Cool I'm going to try it out and pass this tip along!



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