Monday, February 8, 2010

weekly dose!!

hi everyone!
hope you are having a great week.
sorry the weekly dose is a little tardy.
its been a run around like a chicken with my head cut off kinda week.

we started off the week right with a visit from my awesome cousin jason!
such a sweetie. he is living in san diego county finishing up 6 years in the navy.
so proud of him.
he drove up to treat us to breakfast and drop off a belated christmas present from his mom and dad, my auntie and uncle.

the munch was more than happy to lend a hand...
now.....what should i grab first??
decisions, decisions!!

why are you crying??
because these stuffed stockings were from when i was little!
when we moved to hawaii, my auntie kept them
and used them for my cousins while they grew up.
she sent them along with jason to give to us for our home!!
so happy to see mom made them about 30 years ago!
i like this one mommy!
wait, i like this one too!
she likes uncle jason a LOT ;-)
scrunchie face!!!!!
well the munch is almost 18 months old
and STILL not walking on her own.
i'm ok with it. i really am.
i know when she does start walking, it won't be walking at ALL.
i will have the tiring job of running after her.
jason wanted to give a good ole college or rather military try
in getting her to walk.
here is how it went:
ha...she is already laughing at him!
this is gonna be good.
not gonna do it.
distracted by her food cart...there are goldfish in it.
her trainer pulls her back to reality.
HUT two, three, four...
but...i. can't. walk.
the will of a 17 months old is amazing!
or maybe its just stubbornness inherited from her mama.
she finally decides to give in just a little and does this
bizarre walk for a few feet:
her trainer was finally satisfied and gave her a break and some goldfish.
it was so nice to visit with some family.
thanks jason for making the drive to come see us!

we are looking forward to this monday.
we will be visiting the happiest place on earth!

i have to brag on our youth group for a second.
for the past month our youth group kids
were plotting a wonderful surprise for us.
they all pitched in together and purchased annual passes for jere jae and i to disneyland.
they presented it to us at youth group a week and a half ago.
about 8 of our youth leaders came up to the front and said some sweet things about us, some of them crying.
we were so touched and speechless!
we had no clue they were doing this for us.
jere jae has been the full time youth pastor/worship leader
at our church for almost 4 years now.
it has been the most precious and wonderful
4 years of both of our lives.
we were newly married when we started.
i loved telling the whole group we were pregnant
in a game of hangman!
when they figured out that it read:
jere jae is a daddy
they all ran around the room screaming and jumping up and down.
now watching the youth play, care and love on our baby is something
that leaves me amazed.
they all adore her and the feeling is mutual.
we are honored and humbled to have the privilege of speaking
into the lives of these incredible individuals.
its even more wonderful to watch them live out their faith daily.
we love all of you so very much and
look forward to life long friendships with each of you.
thank you for enriching and blessing our lives so much.
its wonderful to feel appreciated!

we hope you have a wonderful week!
be blessed and bless each other.

the munch and her speechless mama

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