Monday, February 15, 2010

weekly dose!!

aloha friends and family!!
i can not contain my excitement today.
summer has made a special guest appearance in winter!!
its 75, no winds and not a cloud in the sky.
we just got back from a walk to the park so the munch
could get in some time on the slides and swing.
it was beautiful!
so nice and a much needed temperature change for this hawaii girl.

we had a fun time this past week getting ready for valentines day.
its so sweet to have a lil sous chef right along side me in the kitchen.
here she is reading the ingredients list upside down.
she was also my taste tester.
here are our truffles wrapped and ready to go.
i love valentine's goodies...they are just so fun and cute.
hopefully you can understand this event planning mama's excitement
when i found this adorable wood truffle play set
at pier 1 for the munchies's valentines day present.
i think i have played with it more than her.
my valentine got me the most beautiful flowers ever!!
i am in deep like with them
and in deep love with HIM. ;-)
poor guy always has a hard time getting me flowers because i DO flowers.
he out did himself this time!!
i surprised him with a stove top espresso maker and espresso cups.
we had a wonderful day celebrating this hallmark holiday.
our lil munch is not so lil anymore.
so sad.
she is getting big and i don't like it one bit.
good thing she is still the cutest baby toddler ever.
on the 18th she will be 18 months old.
here are a bunch of pictures of our kewpie doll!!
the only way she keeps hats or beanies on her head is if we have one on at the same time or we clap really loud for her in approval.
one of her new favorite hobbies is to color.
thank you Jesus for washable crayons.

she loves eating pears...
we also had a great time at disneyland last monday.
it was so nice to leisurely walk
around the park and only go on three rides.
we will be going again next week.

hope you are having a good monday.
we love you and pray you are well.
drop us a line when you get a chance!!

the munch and her in love mama


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  2. Looks like you all had a perfect Valentine's day! I love the beautiful flowers that Jeremiah bought you and love the espresso maker too! I can't believe little Miss is already 18 months old... that makes me a little sad that she's growing up so fast!

    We love you guys and miss you very, very much!

    Sandy Godwin & Family

  3. Yep, your flowers were so beautiful! Holly and I got to see them when Jeremiah brought them to the church to hide them; we knew you'd be happy!

    I love that you've been putting a bow in Riley's hair. So cute.

    -Emily S

  4. She is soooo cute wow...and all your pictures are wonderful!

    I am your newest follower since we both got the beautiful blogger award. I hope you will come by my blog and follow back if you would like. I love meeting new bloggy friends. Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into A Blog



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