Thursday, March 18, 2010

about to hatch...

our good friends lacey and james are expecting
a little addition to their nest!
baby isabelle ruth is due in late april.
we celebrated her impending arrival this past weekend
with a lovely lunch shower at cucina alessa.
lacey is a graphic designer and made the invitations.
as guest came up the stairs they were greeted by this IZZY banner.
i hand sewed letters cut out of felt on to the bibs and onesies.
pictures of lacey as a baby were hung with mini clothes pins along the feather boa line.
one of my favorite things i own.
it was perfect to use at this nest and bird themed shower.
a vintage canary yellow bird cage used as a card cage/box .
lacey's mom helen put together this beautiful diaper cake.
the centerpiece on the head table.
i wrapped a foam letter "I" in yarn.
isabelle is spelled out in glitter chipboard letters.
some guinea feathers glued to the top pull in the theme.
the chandelier above the head table was decorated with a feather boa,
paper birds and baby pictures of the mommy to be.
menus that matched the invitations and
a robin's egg filled with jelly bellies were at each place setting.
one egg had a little nest with a family of birds in it.
the finder of the bird family won a prize.
i painted easter eggs with robin's blue
acrylic paint so they would all match.
the centerpieces on the guest tables were
vine wreaths used as nests and branches with nest fixed on to them.
robin's eggs and feathers were then added.
guest were given birdie name tags.
i used this site's template to cut them out.
our shower "craft" was coloring
an alphabet page for izzy's abc book!
then our guest of honor arrived!
daddy to be james dropped her off.
here he is pinning on a nest pin i made for lacey,
the grandma's and great-grandma's to be.
you can find the tutorial here.
i hot glue gunned some felt and a pin back on to it.
i gave them a tour of the dessert and favor table.
the favors were sugar cookies cut out into
birdies and bird houses decorated with royal icing.
the eye and wing of the birdie is drawn on with an edible pen.
my new favorite decorating tool!
here is the recipe for the cookies.
lemon meringue cupcakes.

mini black bottom cupcakes
we then sat down to a wonderful lunch.
then it was time to open gifts.

james rejoined us at the end of gift opening.
so nice to have him there!
we live in orange county and daddy to be
is a die hard anaheim angels fans.
lacey's brother and sister in law live in
new hampshire and are die hard red sox fans...along with lacey.
we all had a good laugh when they opened this gift.
while lacey was opening gifts, we played the timer game.
an egg timer was set for about every 10 minutes.
when the timer went off who ever gave the gift the
mommy to be was opening won a prize.
the prizes were these super cute
reusable shopping bags with soaps and lotions tucked inside.
i gave james this "daddy doody kit"
at the end of the gift opening.
i think he was a bit concerned after seeing some of the contents ;-)
gloves, goggles, tongs, face mask.....
good times are on the way!!
here are the directions to make a diaper doody kit.
blessings on you lacey and james!
we can't wait to meet lil izzy.
i know that the Lord has hand picked the two of you
to be wonderful parents to this bundle of joy.
i can't wait to see the two of you in this next season of your
lives as your family and hearts grow.
please know we are here for you,
praying and cheering for you along the way!

thank you Lord for this miracle named isabelle ruth.


  1. WOW!!! Everything looks absolutely amazing!! So much thought/effort/detail went into everything! Very impressive!

  2. Wow! Thanks Katie...coming from you I am truly honored!

  3. Everything was so beautiful, i was bummed i had to leave early - but I was blessed to be able to at least come. Thank you for all of your hard work. <3

  4. This is a gorgeous and amazing shower. I want to copy all of your fabulous ideas. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. What a beautiful shower!!! Bravo!

  6. Cute cute cute! This theme is just adorable. I may have to "shower"-lift it.

  7. ha...thank you everyone! craftymrs. steal way ;-)

  8. I love it all...the favors and desserts are out of control!!

  9. Stumbled on your pics today... had to drop a note of how fantastic the shower looks! I love all the great details you put into it! p.s. the desserts look amazing too!

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  10. Just found you and so happy I did! What a fabulous event! LOVE the favors, so cute!

  11. I found your blog via Pinterest...Your baby shower was super cute and creative! I love the baby pictures and the daddy emergency kit!!

  12. Beautiful shower! Where did you find the pages for the ABC book?



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