Tuesday, March 9, 2010

weekly dose!!

heidi ho!
long time no weekly dose.
sorry about that.
it has been c.r.a.z.y. around here.

lets start off with and update on the munch
since the weekly dose IS all about her.
lil miss thang was quite sick a couple of weeks ago.
she is totally fine now, praise the Lord.

i had no clue she was even sick.
she had a wet cough for a couple nights in a row so
i decided to take her in to her doctor's office.
i thought it was an ear infection that went into a sinus infection.
i am after all a fake doctor.
it takes no schooling at all to become a fake doctor.
just an imagination and the ability to google.

so anyway....
one listen to her chest and the dr. looked at me and said
"no ear infection...i think she has pneumonia."
we were sent across the street to take xrays.
then waited in the car for the results.
sure enough the doctor's diagnosis was spot on.
(mine was NOT)
one of the nurses called to tell us
the xrays revealed pneumonia in her right lung.

while she is telling me this...
my "sick" little girl is in her car seat singing at the top over her lungs.
the nurse and i both had a good laugh because
we couldn't hear each other over her singing.
"she sure doesn't look or act sick!" the nurse commented.
i am so thankful for our happy and now healthy lil munchie.
she is such a joy with or without pneumonia.
but we prefer withOUT of course.

she was on antibiotics and also had
breathing treatments a few times a day.
she took it like a champ!
thank you for all of your prayers for our precious baby!
here she is playing in a box filled with packaging peanuts.
she loved it.

i know i talk about the munch singing a lot.
she wakes up singing, she goes to bed singing.
she loves music and dances as soon as she hears a beat.

i was finally able to catch her on video.
sit back and enjoy a quick lil ditty by the munchie:

isn't she AMAZING!! ;-)
and yes...that is me humming a bit of miley cyrus' party in the usa.
the ONLY reason i was humming that song
was because the night before they did a parody of it on the office.
"dunder mifflin is a part of saab-ray"
i already had two of our friends make fun of me for it...
so i wanted to clarify we don't blast
hannah montana around here all day long.

we had a busy weekend...
my old pastors, jack & maree nordgren
from hope chapel waikiki stopped by for a visit.
SO good to see them.
they began south shore fellowship in
bridgman, michgan a few years ago.
this trip out to california jack has been
promoting his book a lake surfer's journey.
it gets two thumbs up from me!!

then i had a huge wedding in pomona.
congrats to mandy and jared!
everything was perfect...even with the torrential downpour.

jere jae was away at a conference in honolulu.
it was the 1st time he was there
with out me and that was WEIRD.
he was able to meet up with my mom and dad
for lunch and to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday!!
happy birthday dad!
we love you so much and we are so proud of you.

thank you to jere jae's mom, the munch's gramma,
for taking such good care of her
while mommy and daddy were away working.

well....that's the latest happenings around here.
have a wonderful week!
we love and miss all of you terribly.
please send us an email or leave a comment
with an update on how YOU are!

the munch and her vocal coach

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  1. Hi Justice League! We miss you guys! Sounds like you've been busy and doing well... so glad to hear that little Miss Riley is feeling better and what a VOICE... she's a natural!

    We're doing well... prepping for A&A's 18th birthday and a team visit from Hope HB. Looking forward to both of these events!

    Love you and miss you!
    Sandy G. & Fam



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