Saturday, March 20, 2010

weekly dose!!

aloha everyone!
how are you??
hope you have something fun planned this weekend.
its going to be gorgeous here in orange county.
if i can get my okole in gear,
i plan on heading over to some yard sales,
costco and ikea today.

we have had a banner week in our humble household!
the munch is feeding herself with a spoon.
praise the LORD.
she is now 19 months.
here she is trying it out by herself for the 1st time:
 wrong end munch....
 not very we turned the spoon the right way.
 look at that concentration!
 go baby go!!!
 now she's an old pro at it.
 she is saying mmmmm, mmmmm, MMMMM!
 get it girl.
 one satisfied spoon customer.
 the michael jordan hang time spoon action shot.
 my big girl!
she is so happy with herself.
i think it may have something to do with the fact that i am
jumping up and down like a crazy woman and clapping for her.

we have a new addition to our family.
two new additions to be exact.
daddy brought some new friends home for the
munch while he was in hawaii.
here she is seeing them for the 1st time:
 she is smiling but she is a little confused....
you'll see why in a sec.
 more malasada dolls!!
 they are brothers to mally,
the munch's lovey for the past year.
they are inseparable.
 sooooo happy.
 here is mally with her new brothers...
they are just adorable!!
 we named this one chefy
 and this one is leo after leonard's bakery,
where they are from.
 here is mally....
we got her last february.
the reason why i think they are brothers is
because they don't have any hair like mally.
there has been much discussion over
this in our household.
everyone that comes over says that chefy
is a girl because of her eyelashes.
i say they ALL have the same eyelashes...
its the HAIR that makes mally a girl....
making the other two HAIRLESS ones boys.
what do you think?
funniest part is that the munch is
very confused by her new friends.
they all look alike!
she throws them aside to get to mally.

we hope and pray you are happy and healthy!
we miss all of you very much.
please drop us a line when you get a chance....

the munch and her spoon trainer


  1. Love the blog this week... little Miss Riley is the cutest!

    Love you and miss you!


  2. Thanks Sandy! Can't believe your babies are 18!!! WOW! Love you...

  3. Wow, your lil' cupie doll is getting so big. Love the new blog look!



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