Thursday, April 1, 2010

weekly dose!!

hello everyone!
hope you are having a wonderful first day of april.
that you haven't fallen too hard for any april fool shenanigans
pulled by friends, family or co-workers.
i have been so busy that at 10pm last night
i looked at jere jae and said
"TOMORROW IS APRIL FOOLS! i didn't plan anything!!"
that's right folks...i got nothing up my sleeve.

last year i called up our good friend mike and
told him to stay at work for a few minutes longer
because i was bringing him sushi.
when we got there the munch and i handed him this:
candy sushi.
made with fruit roll ups, rice krispie treats, swedish fish,
jelly beans, donuts and red vines.
we got the container from the sushi restaurant next to us.
hee hee hee.
good times.
i'm sure he went right over to sango sushi to
fix the craving he now had for the real thing ;-)

the munch and i are just laying low today.
she is getting over a double ear infection.
she has been in a funk lately...poor thing.
i think its because she has been locked up in the apartment for a few days.
i did manage to get some great photos of her a few days ago.
she is seriously getting so big i can't handle it.
with out further adieu here is the uncut munchie slide show:
ok...look at that face. sly one!
this is my fave!
she finally has enough hair to have a cowlick!
30 second yawns are her trademark!
shake it girl!
dancing while mommy sings crazy songs about her...
she is dancing and swaying so much....
she fell over!
checking to see if i got it on film ;-)
she's in a zone.
ALWAYS trying to grab my camera lens.
strawberry blond curlicues.
yes, she is my baby.
they checked 4 times before we left hoag with her.
then she began to try and EAT mally!
get. in. my. belly.
she was so determined...i just let her try.
she will get to have a real malasada when we visit o'ahu
this june for my cousins wedding.
hopefully mally will survive until then.

we pray you have a wonderful Easter weekend with loved ones.
i am truly overwhelmed by the love of my Savior this week.
i am supposed to sing a song tomorrow at
our Good Friday services,
but i get choked up every time i try and sing it.
unfailing, perfect love is a beautiful thing.

for God so loved a wretch like me,
He sent His son
so i could be
with Him for all eternity.

that, my friend, is why tomorrow is so very, very good.

the munch and her grateful mama


  1. I can't wait to hear your sweet voice tomoorow!
    Will you make us some malasadas?

    Hannah & her grandma

  2. Riley looks like she doubled in height...what's going on??!? :(

    Bummed I missed you singing at the Good Friday service but I trust you did amazing for the Lord!

  3. after reading all this i feel like i was right there with you, haha
    lovin' the munch!! 'speccially when she calls me chandler, hahaha

    btw heather just told me she think's im obsessed with your site... i may have a problem...



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