Friday, April 16, 2010

weekly dose!!

aloha friends and family!
hope you are enjoying spring.
it has been absolutely beautiful here the past few days.

we had a wonderful, fantastic Easter....earthquake and all!
the munch and i started off the morning
with her Easter basket.
this basket is the product of procrastination.
i think its pretty darn cute.
i went to target the day before Easter (what was i THINKING!)
and it was like a vacuum had sucked every piece of Easter merchandise outta the store.
every SINGLE thing was gone.
all i needed was a basket!!
i had already bought all the stuff to put in to it.
i came home and hot glued a feather boa around this little guy.
i had the metal "r" in my craft drawer and slapped it on with some more hot glue.
here is my lil cutie waiting for me to hand her the goods.
you took too long mom...i'm not looking.
we'll maybe just a peek.
here we go...her 2nd Easter basket!
elmo socks...a staple for any holiday.
coloring books...
eggies filled with jelly beans...shake it baby!
her very 1st pair of baby sunglasses...actually toddler sunglasses.
i'm still in denial that she's a toddler.
cool dude.
stevie wonder impression. not bad.
ma'am...i'll need to see your license and registration.
looking at her reflection in the sliding glass door.
good times.
then we were off to church....
He is risen indeed!!
after the last service there was an easter egg hunt for all the kids.
the lil ones under 3 were in the children church building.
its so the big kids don't run them over.
the eggs are just in plain sight and they have fun plopping them into their baskets.
go munchie go!
daddy giving her a some help...
daddy kisses are the best....they would be even better sans beard.
hint hint jere jae.
wait....could it be???!
yes, it is.
a family picture.
then i had the guys take a picture together.
its not very often you find 3 young men
wearing ties for church in orange county.
here are shawn, chandler and jere jae.
we're lucky if chandler shows up to church with shoes on.
so this was definitely a kodak moment.
then i let the tieless wonders join in.
bennett and david.

after church we headed home for a bit.
i ran to the grocery store to get some things for dinner.
i was walking up the stairs to our apartment when i felt a little woozy.
i thought i was going to fall over.
i finally made it to our front door and opened it.
jere jae was standing in the middle of the living room holding the munch.
he looked at me and said "we're having an earthquake."
aha! so i was not about to pass out.
we all stood in the door way as the earth shook for about 30 more seconds.
that is one loooong shaker.
it was the smoothest one i have ever felt.
we just slowly rocked back and forth.
the bamboo trees in our courtyard were swaying about 3 feet each way!
we are good...just a little weary of more.
oh and our kitchen slider is not sliding anymore. booooo.

in the late afternoon we headed over to our dear friends
and pastor's home for a delicious Easter dinner.
i took pictures of the food and flowers...
but no real pictures of the beautiful people in attendance.
nice one goober.
i made my layered pea salad topped with heirloom cherry tomatoes and a caesar salad.
i made this daisy and lime centerpiece for our hostess.
its on a small cake plate that she can reuse.
gotta have some Easter candy!
pastor paul showing off his ham machete.
the munch LOVES the stairs.
LOVES. the. stairs.
that's uncle luke...jere jae's bff.
is that ok to say for a guy?
she could have climbed them all day long.
we pray you had a wonderful Easter with loved ones.
we had an exceptional weekend beginning with Good Friday.
thank you Jesus for your love and sacrifice.
thank you for our amazing friends and family.
we are truly blessed.

the munch and her basket makin' mama


  1. i read these every time you send them. you and the family look great!

    jason (az)

  2. that was an AWESOME blog KE :)

    Megan (:

  3. Wow, auntie really dropped the ball, I need to get that girl a pair of Oakleys! :)

    - Lacey

  4. I love the blog, KE... so glad you enjoyed your Easter! Can't believe the Munch has celebrated TWO Easters already! She's a true beauty, KE! Looking forward to seeing you in a week or so.

    Sandy & fam



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