Tuesday, May 18, 2010

as simple as that.

this is my all time favorite dessert.
for real.
i was introduced to it when i worked at the halekulani.
it was one of the turn down and romance amenities that was sent to the guests room.
fresh, sweet strawberries with dark brown sugar and sour cream....regular or light sour cream works, as does light or dark brown sugar.
dunk a ruby red strawberry into the sour cream first then in to the brown sugar.
sit back and take a bite of HEAVEN.

this is one of the most simple yet elegant desserts you can place on your dining room table.
be careful!
people have been known to polish of a pint or 2 of strawberries this way.
not ME mind you....just people in general ;-)

don't say i didn't warn you!


  1. I've never heard of this! How intriguing. I'm not generally a fan of sour cream...but this could be good.

  2. The first time I had this was Amy Wilkins B-day party where she brought us back together. I will always be grateful to her for forcing us to mend our relationship. This has been my favorite dessert ever since that day.

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  4. LOL, i clearly do not know how to use blogspot.

    anyway, I.LOVE.THIS.STUFF! :)

  5. sigh... I LOVE strawberries but they are now out of season here in Sydney so far to expensive :(
    This looks so delicious though, sometimes the simple things are the best hey!

  6. How interesting to put sour cream and brown sugar? Actually I have tried yogurt mixed with cream and add brown sugar. I wonder it they taste similar. I love them with all kinds of berries!

  7. It's been years since I've had this! I'd forgotten how easy and good it is. If you're hosting people and want everyone to have dessert in a dish, this works so well with just a bowl of berries, topped w/ sour cream, and sprinkled w/ brown sugar. Thanks for posting -- glad to be reminded of this one!

  8. This is one of my favorite deserts - SO simple and wonderful!

  9. what a great way to serve strawberries!!I 'm going to the market this morning and I will definitely try it later!

  10. Yumm! I am all about this one sweetie!

    Hannah's grandma



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