Wednesday, May 12, 2010

weekly dose!!

HELLO there.

we are alive and very well!
things have been crazy around these parts to say the least.

i have taken on a different aspect of my event planning business and to put it lightly...
it has really taken off!
praise the LORD!
for He is so, so good.
blogging will have to be the thing the "gives", taking a back seat for the time being.

per my mama's request and because it is mother's day week,
here is a loooooong over due weekly dose!

jere jae and i celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on april 23rd.
thank you Lord for such a wonderful, sweet and caring husband.
you really surpassed all i asked and prayed for by blessing me with him.

we took a quick trip up the coast to monterey, spreckels and santa cruz to see my family.
the munch was a very good girl for the 5 hour car ride.
it was her 1st time facing forward in her car seat. ever.
we have a tv and dvd player in our tahoe.
we used it one time when we first got the car.

you should have seen her blue eyes light up when we turned that thing on and there in technicolor was her beloved sesame street and elmo.
she looked at me as if to say "has this TV been in the CAR the whole time i've been facing backwards?!?!"

it definitely made the long car ride more enjoyable for her and her mommy and daddy!

my auntie julita and uncle alexis/lou were gracious enough to open their beautiful home to us.
on our anniversary they watched the munch along with my my auntie ani who drove over from santa cruz. jere jae and i had a wonderful dinner at montrio bistro. we were even able to go see clash of the titans! we had such a great time.

some other highlights of the trip were a visit to the wild animal refuge, the monterey bay aquarium and santa cruz beach boardwalk with my cousin kaili, her fiance darius and her lovely roomie robin. my auntie ani prepared a scrumptious beach picnic for us...grilled marinate lamb chops, sausages and orzo salad. yum.

with out further are some highlights!
playing with uncle's very expensive equipment.
she is her daddy's daughter for sure!!
in LOVE with the keyboard.
uncle alexis spinning the munch in the cool chair!
a visit to wild things
pretty intimidating being [thisclose] to a lion.
the guide told us that they call this zebra the stripped elephant.
it seriously thinks its an elephant.
the munch got to feed an elephant!!
pretty amazing thing to have done by 20 months old.
ok...that's enough.
monterey bay aquarium.
always stunning.
she would have JUMPED in to the touching pools if we let her!
she loved it!
watching feeding time at the kelp forest.
my favorite exhibit...the jellies.
she was making the funniest faces!
then she made this sweet, sweet face.
my favorite picture ever of my two favorite people ever.
i am pleased to announce we finally have a WALKER!!
get a good look.
here is an actual picture of me.
we then headed over to the fisherman's wharf to get some dinner.
calamari and fries.
never ending bowl of clam chowder.
best he's ever had.
we gave the munch a lemon to dine on.
she actually likes them.
santa cruz
the boardwalk
jere jae, kaili, darius and robin all went on the big dipper.
i ran down the boardwalk pushing the stroller
to position myself to get these pictures.
true wuuuuv.
she liked laying her face in the sand.
have a blessed week!

the munch and her mama


  1. Loved the Pictures! I definitely think you should have the one of Jerimiah and the munch that you said was your favorite blown up for a portrait:-) I can see why it is an awesome picture of them both!
    ~Melody Lord

  2. this is so much fun! I am totally jealous! What a great weekend - well deserved.
    - Mandy Vieyra

  3. What a fun trip! The pictures are so cute :) That little Riley looked like she was having the time of her life! I'm so glad you all were able to get away for some time to yourselves. Congratulations on 4 years of love!
    Love, Emily Sanders

  4. Sweet photos. I do agree, the one of Jer and Riley smiling is absolutely adorable. Gotta get that one in a frame! Thanks for sharing your life. :)
    Stacy Feldschau



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