Tuesday, May 25, 2010

weekly dose!!

hope this update finds you happy and healthy this week!

i am still recovering from my beloved LOST and its finale.
for the record i loved how it ended.
i cried like a little bebe....
sobbing like a mad fool at the end.
happy to report that i'm not confused one bit.
loved it!

my little munchie has kept me busy lately.
she is finally a full time walker.
its fun to watch her toddle all over the place.
i can not believe how big she is getting.
she will be two in august.
make it stop.

she is a little parrot repeating everything she hears.
she constantly points asking "what's that??"
daddy built her a little fort in the living room and she hides in it giggling.
she is a lover of berries, tofu and meat.
we call her the little carnivore.
chicken is her fave and she says
"mmmm, mmmm, MMMM!" when she gets to have some.

last week i was exhausted from back to back events.
one morning i watched her as she methodically destroyed the living room.
i could do nothing to stop her... i was too tired.
she sure had fun.
 ohhhhh...ahhhhhh....a clicky pen.
 good thing i'm cute...huh mama!!?
 scrunchie face!!
surveying the damage.
looks like she is satisfied with her work.

our good friends james and lacey recently welcomed a beautiful little girl!
we went to visit them at their home so the munch could meet her new little friend.
 saying hi to the baby.
 sweet girl!
 love me some baby feet.
here is the munchie is trying to make nice with the doggie.
she is attempting to pet him.
she was walking by the doggie and he tried to lick her. 
she was having NONE of that.
i LOVE this picture!!
hope you have a wonderful week.
summer is almost here...yippeeeeeee!
the munch and her exhausted mama

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