Tuesday, June 8, 2010

weekly dose!!

heidi ho ranger joe!!
(if any one can guess what 80's-90's tv show that is from....
you're a dork for knowing it ;-)

hope everyone is having a great week.
can you believe its JUNE!?!?!

the pictures above are of the munch watching
her daddy play at our church's coffee house.
she was so excited to sit so close to him
while he played and sang.
i had to sneak them in they are so cute!

we have been laying low the past few weeks.
the munch has been sick.
she has another ear infection.
one more this summer and she will have to see a specialist.
poor baby.
she is actually in a great mood and is quite the sport about taking her medicine and doing
treatments on the breathing machine.
please pray that her ears are completely healed and she has no more ear infections!!

she is also having to deal with a sudden growth spurt.
our baby girl is now 21 months and weighs about 26 pounds.
she literally went from a size 3 to a size 4 diaper over night.

the last time she was measured she was 34 inches tall,
but i am pretty sure she has grown a bit taller.
she is now banging her head on everything that she used to be able to walk right under.
our dining room table, the entertainment center, my desk...
no corner is safe.
here are some pictures of her 1st shiner on her forehead.
she got it from running into the corner
of the entertainment center.
(all the corners are now covered with padding. i kid you not)

the lump grew out of her head so fast
i almost passed out as i watched it!!!
sorry for the blurry picture...but you can really see how
HUGE the lump is because of the shadows.
hey, a pictures worth a thousand words, right??
even ones that are out of focus.
daddy walked in the front door about
one minute after it all went down.
praise the Lord he did...i was a mess!
daddy is telling the munchie some "secrets"
to get her mind off the shiner.
she likes how it tickles.
awe!! there's my scrunchie face!!
...and all is well with the world.
she's going to make it without a trip to the ER.
and so will her mama.
this face is called "pretty eyes".
only a trained specialist can decipher it from "the scrunchie face".

the munchie's newest "big girl" thing is going down the slides at the park by herself.
i showed her how to go down backwards.
a lot safer for her little self to go down on her belly
rather than to roll down head first.
some of these slides are steep!

repeat about 2,383 times.
once you get tired of the slide...you look for the swings.
my lil walker has spotted them!
it is SO fun to have a walker.
i really mean that. it has made my life a lot easier.
looking at her shadow on the ground.

can i just say i LOVE being a mom?!?
it is so rewarding and such a wonderful gift
to have her in our lives.
she brings joy everywhere she goes and
that just warms my heart.
the Lord really out did Himself when
He made this lil munchie.
we're gonna keep her ;-)
brothers and sisters to follow when the munch
can help change diapers.

whether you are a parent or not...
i encourage you to be a blessing
to the kids around you when ever you can.
speaking encouraging words over them, ask them
how their day is going and really listening to the answer...
even praying for their health and their future
is a wonderful commitment to take on.
you may be the only person taking the time to pray for them.

hope you have an outstanding week!!

the munchie and her blessed mama

oh...and the tv show is full house.


  1. I just love you guys! Riley is such a blessing what a beautiful little girl KE!


  2. Kim-Erin and Jeremiah, You guys produce a beautiful product . . . Miss Riley. Thank you for sharing your lives with others. Hope Chapel HB is honored to have you.

    Pastor Paul Harmon



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