Saturday, July 31, 2010

weekly dose!!

i think the title of this post should be called:
a random blog entry with pictures from over a month ago.

we are alive and well....just barely ;-)
our lil munch is doing well after a bout with viral pneumonia last week.
we had 2 trips to the er and an overnight stay at the children's hospital of orange county.
praise the Lord for His healing touch on our sweet girl.
the doctor's and nurses were amazing....truly hand picked by God to spend those 3 days with us.
it was a serious blessing.
as a mother i felt we were right where we were supposed to be.
the munch handled everything like a champ...until we were admitted to the hospital.
we got to our room she saw a bed and a crib and just went nuts.
i think at that point she knew we were staying the night.
she just wanted to go home.
she was grabbing everyone's hand saying "let's go!!! let's go!!"
ahhhhh....broke my heart and i cried a bit.
we made it through the night with the help of a 24 hour baby einstein tv station the hospital has.
pure genius!
we love being back home and things are finally getting back to normal.
thank you for your prayers for our means the world to us.

here are some month old pictures of munchies cute butt butt at kaimana beach.
then some pics of ONE of our THREE visit's to leonard's bakery in kapahulu.
we were on o'ahu for my cousin's wedding.
i will post more pictures soon.

it was awesome to watch the munch take a gander at the WALL of mally doll's.
her eye's lit up and she pointed furiously.
we picked up a back up mally doll while we were there.

 ridiculously happy

 it was a very good day.


  1. you did a fantastic job on jane and rod's wedding KE!!!

  2. Kim-Erin what a fantastic job you did on Ezra's party!



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