Monday, September 6, 2010

she's two.

 holding the dress up with her chin while she dances.
her new dress from our friend's the garcia's...daddy is holding their baby aka: super squirm.
where is the "stop time" button??
if i could keep her in my pocket forever i would.
she is growing so fast.
each day with her is more magical than the day before.
when you look up the word joy in the dictionary,
there should be just a picture of her.
the end.
she is sweetness personified and
better to watch than the office.
she dances at a moment's notice
and she loves to praise the Lord.
she clasps her little hands together to pray
before eating and going nigh-nigh.
elmo is her favorite and she can spot
a picture of him a mile away.
she loves shoes because putting them on means
we get to go "OUTSIGH!! OUTSIGH!!!"
she squeals with glee at the sight of bubbles and balloons.
thank you is her favorite thing to say.
she chants "DADA, DADA!" at the end of the day.
you can hear her giggling and laughing from
our open windows as you walk up to
our apartment in the alley outside.
she is happy all the time.
she is the cutest thing we have ever seen.
we are truly blessed to be her mommy and daddy.
thank you Lord for the gift of our darling baby girl!
we love you munchie!

1 comment:

  1. um, she's cute. :)

    can you please teach her how to say, "Like So"? (with an attitude)



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