Wednesday, October 20, 2010

what?? i have a blog??!

i am so sorry for the long hiatus!
we have been busy bees for the last couple months.
hopefully i can remember how to post on this thing.
i have had parties coming out my ears,
but i LOVE it!
here are some fun pics from a birthday party
i helped a good friend with for her 5 year old son.
 6 inch cake with graham cracker crumb sand and a fun gecko ornament.
 bell pepper carrot palm trees
 i found these adorable aloha tags on bakerella's site.
i used the smallest hole punch i had and made to holes on either side of the tag,
place tooth picks in the holes to stand the tag up.
 hold up a sec....i can hit it on purpose??
 the munch has good form!
the handsome birthday boy!

have a great day.
hopefully i will be able to post more often in the near future.
we have some exciting news i will be able to share soon....
and NO i am not with child.
stand by for that awesome announcement!


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