Thursday, January 27, 2011

this is for my mom and jane...

hi everyone!
where do i even begin??
i bet your just glad to NOT see the waffle post
at the opening of my blog anymore ;-)

i know i have taken an incerdibly long break and i apologize...
moving across the ocean, i thought, was a pretty good excuse for a hiatus.
we have relocated to honolulu!!!

we are so very happy and excited.
best of all we feel at home.
this is home. 

hopefully now that we are a little more settled, 
you will see regular updates here on living eventfully.

the munch LOVES her new home and asks to go to the park or the beach every day.
my mom and dad, whom she affectionately calls nah-nah and pop-pop,
live about half a mile from us.
we also live a half mile from the beach
and even closer to the zoo.
i prayed to find a place specifically in the neighborhood
we are in and the Lord delivered
above and beyond what we asked for.

i look forward to sharing with all of you
on a regular basis again!! 

the munch and her mama


  1. So glad to hear from you! I miss you!

    Hannah's grandma


  2. Hi, I just found your blog! We should be moving to Hawaii in a couple of months because my hubby got orders there, Im excited! Your daughter is very cute!!

  3. Happy for updates; I've missed the blog! Also excited for Justice Baby #2! Love, Emily S



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