Monday, April 18, 2011

the munch

i know i haven't had an update on my lil munchie in quite a while.
so sorry!

without further adieu...
the munch (as i affectionately call her...short for munchkin.) is now 2 1/2 and we just love her to pieces.
she has to be one of THEE most polite and people friendliest kids i have ever met.
she says hi or good morning to every single person as we walk by them.
if someone moves aside or holds a door open for us she says "thank you!!" before i have a chance to.
she is growing at lightening speed and is changing every day.
one of her favorite activities is going walking with her nana to the park and then they catch the bus for a quick ride back to our house.
she asks to go to the mall every day.
my mom, nana, has created a little mall rat. we live close to kahala mall and she just loves running wild and window shopping.
she can also be found playing with the kid computers at the apple store.

she LOVES the beach.

she is a very good eater and loves to dip her food in either ketchup (thanks to pop pop), hummus or tzatziki.

here she is out to breakfast with her pop pop.

we are finally diaper free and she's been potty trained for about 2 months now.
she loves to pray and worship the Lord.
if she hears a catchy tune she starts to dance immediately and has new moves every week.
her favorite movies right now are monsters inc., despicable me and emperor's new groove.

she loves to cuddle with daddy and follows him around like a little puppy when he gets home from work.
she likes to play kitchen and whips us up delicious pretend food all the time.
she has adjusted very well to life in hawaii.
she has been sick only once since our arrival and that was with a case of roseola.
when we were in california she was getting ear infections and colds about every 3-4 weeks.
good health has been a wonderful side effect of our move!!

i can not believe she was ever this little:
6 months old

hope this helps cure your munchie withdrawals.
she misses all of her california friends and family terribly.
honi honi (kiss kiss) from our little island girl!!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! She hAAAAAAAAAAAs Grown Kim-Erin. I love you my cousin. Very good UPDATE! I love the picture with Riley and Uncle Dennis. AWE! So happy that the Hawaii atmosphere has kept her healthy~!!!!!!! So proud of you guys as well. Loving her hair! She's gorgeous and POLITE!!?!!! Amazing love;}

  2. Best pictures ever!! What a cutie!!!

  3. I miss you guys! Thank you for the update I always enjoy reading them:-)
    Love, Melody

  4. Congratulations on potty training :) and so glad to hear she isn't getting sick anymore. I bet that is a huge relief! -Emily S

  5. Great update! Nana & pop pop are very blessed to have you HOME!



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