Wednesday, April 6, 2011

my latest obsession...

you evil time suck.
but i still love you.

this amazing site is basically a way to keep a picture on a virtual bulletin board of all the things you find lovely and noteworthy.
you must either be invited by someone who is already a member or request to be invited by going directly to their site.
you can follow people that have similar tastes as you and their "pinned" pictures will pop up on your feed for viewing.

some things i love....
my board i call beautiful places:
some awesome party pictures:
amazing craft space:

cute babies:
any picture you find on the internet can be pinned on to your boards.
i am warning you now...hours of your life will slip through the hourglass like they were mere seconds.

but everything you love to look at, things you want to make, place you want to travel to will be in one convenient location to gawk at. to get back to pinning....
oh and if you would like to follow me click here.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my, I loooove that site. I tried to request an invite, but when I ckicked on the request btn, it did nada :( I'll try back later.



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