Monday, July 4, 2011

flag cake for independence day!

hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend.
i am so blessed to be living in this wonderful country!
that's one thing that i never want to take for granted.

in honor of july 4th, i decided to tackle making this glorious flag cake.
i found the recipe at crafty mama.
i followed her basic instructions on assembling the cake.
the one thing i did different was i baked three 8 inch round cakes with 2 cups of red cake batter in each cake pan, one 8 inch round with 1.5 cups of blue cake batter and one 6 inch round with 1.5 cups of red cake batter.
then i split the cooled cakes in half with a knife...except for the blue cake.
i would have used my cake leveler but it was MIA.

i used 2 boxed of white cake mix, wilton food gels and 3 cans creamy home style cream cheese not used whipped frosting.
it was HOT here today. i was fearful my cake and all the hard work it took to build it would slide apart in the heat and humidity. i decided to make it easier on myself and went this route.
i didn't want to use my trusted favorite buttercream recipe in this heat, so the canned stuff seemed more sensible and sturdy. it worked out just fine and did not melt or separate.

we had a pre-4th of july get together today.
we gathered all the kids, big and small, around the table for the cake cutting.
i told them there was a surprise inside...and that definitely peaked their interest!
as i sliced the first piece, there were ohhh's and ahhh's all around.
everyone asked "how did you make that?!"
it was so fun to share with everyone ;-)

hope you make some memories this weekend!
oh and don't do this:
thank goodness lopsided, uneven layers do not affect the taste factor of this or any cake for that matter!


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