Thursday, August 25, 2011

featured on bump smitten....

what an honor to be featured on the super cute baby shower inspiration blog bump smitten!
i did this bird and nest themed shower for my good friend lacey over a year ago.
it was so much fun to put together and one of the most detailed events i've ever worked on.
i love how everything turned out ;-)
i hope you like it....
happy planning! 

Monday, August 8, 2011

ruffle cake


there are certain things that i see on blogs and pinterest and i think to myself "MUST. make. this. NOW!!"

this cake was one of those things.
i have been searching for a reason to make this adorable ruffle cake besides just busting it out for dessert after a tuesday night dinner.
my mom and auntie's threw jere jae and i an awesome baby shower bbq last week.
i told my mom i would love to make all the desserts because heck, its just what i do.
and i love doing it!
for this cake i decided on a lemon blueberry with almond cream cheese frosting.

my biggest concern was that the frosting would melt in the heat.
the biggest obstacle was actually keeping lil fingers and big hands from bumping and poking it once we put it out on display!
the frosting actually held up perfectly.

i followed this simple youtube tutorial on how to apply the frosting.
i frosted this 6 layer cake 6 inch round cake in about 10 minutes.
the look of this cake is decadent and looks difficult but it is SO simple!!

i am short and my kitchen counter tops are pretty tall.
so i wasn't able to get the piping bag and tip as parallel to the cake base to go up and down as i would have liked.
overall i was very pleased with the results on my first ruffle cake.

i encourage you to try this!
don't be scared! If you mess up you can just scrape the frosting off with a spatula.

for the life of me i can't find the frosting recipe i used....pregnant brain strikes again.
i will add the recipe for the frosting and the cake soon!
you can use any cake recipe you like and here is one of the cream cheese frosting recipes i love to use.
just replace the vanilla extract with almond extract.
i added wilton sky blue food gel with a little leaf green till i got the color i was looking for,
i used small 6 inch cake pans and then split the cake in to two layers.
i placed 1/4 cup of frosting in between each layer.

i loved the look of this smaller cake and i was able to get 14-16 slices out of it. cut the slices on the small side because there is so much height to this cake.
have fun!


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