Monday, April 9, 2012

diy :: easy ruffle backdrop

for some reason when i tell people something i've made was "easy", i get an eye roll or a hysterical laughing fit from them.
i guess i make things that look like they take a lot of effort?
seriously folks, if a project's directions reveal an arduous and and time consuming journey, i simply will NOT make it.

"easy" is a required element for the craft projects i will take time out of my life to complete.
this ruffle backdrop is the epitome of easy.
trust me.

the ruffled backdrops i found on pinterest and other sites were absolutely gorgeous but i had one issue with them.
these talented ladies were making the ruffle strips WITH A SEWING MACHINE.
they were sewing the crepe paper into ruffles. with a machine.
what the WHAT???

there is no way i'm sewing  a n y t h i n g  let alone crepe paper. is how i accomplished the same pretty backdrop in a little less than an hour (the board i used was 36x48) with glue.
this one goes out to all my homies that are sewing impaired, those that do not have a sewing machine or are just plain lazy like me.

so with out further are the instructions with purdy pictures to boot.
click on images to make them bigger:

some tips:
~ if you are OCD and need things to be absolutely straight, measure out guide lines with a pen to keep your ruffles on the mark. i just free handed it. there are crooked areas in the purple ombre board i made. it made me cringe a little...but i got over it pretty quick.
~ the ruffles create a camouflage to where you begin and end a crepe streamer cut too short...that means you can use scraps of crepe streamers you were thinking about tossing out. just add them in.
~ when adding your last row that will top off the ruffles, make sure to take your time so the crepe paper doesn't rip.

i love that you can basically add these ruffles to cardboard or anything else that glue will adhere to.
i'm going to add some to an old shutter i found.
have fun ruffle-izing everything!
note that i used a piece of bent and torn cardboard in this tutorial to prove that ruffles make pretty much anything new again.

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  1. Thanks for putting this tutorial up :) I need a backdrop for my wedding photo booth and this is perfect. I totally agree that sewing is too difficult and streamers are an easier alternative!



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